Air Conditioner (WiFi enabled) Native/cloud control

Hey guys,

Is there any a/c wifi cloud platform that is compatible with HA? in terms of reporting temperature and on/off status online and being able to create automations to control the units remotely?

Long version:
Controlling an A/C unit with an ir blaster (ie Broadlink RM) is a pretty straight forward and cheap solution.
Unfortunatelly, it lacks of certain features of feedback.
To my understanding. you cant have feedback if the a/c is on or off, what the target temperature is (if someone fiddled with the original conttroller) and you cannot know the temperature of the room (unless you use an extra temperature sensor).
You can only know what the latest command you sent to the a/c unit is through your ir blaster.

In my situation, i have two rental flats, with two a/c units in each. In order to automate them with mainly power saving in mind, i could go the irblaster/ temp sensor way and a local HA installation that i could expose to the internet and set my automations that way.

Now on the other hand, there are some a/c units that have their own WiFi capabilities.
I was looking into this one for example which is rather cheap where i live (~€310).
Their wifi app is not really documented anywhere, but i am guessing it would have the basic remote capabilities of checking on/off status and reporting current temperature remotely.

Is there any API that we have already tapped in and made it compatible with HA?
Any brands that i could look into to get the desired capabilities?
Or, any other workaround that i have not throught about?

Thanks in advance,

I use Sensibo controller. We have threedifferent brands and the Sensibo can be used for all. One controller on each but can be controlled from one component in HA.

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my A/C can’t seem to detect the IR codes sent while the detector is detecting the same code can someone help ?