Airzone Cloud without Climate entities

Can anyone tell me if this (Cloud) integration allow you to control the scenes that are created in the Airzone Cloud webportal or app?

Hi @Noltari, First off all, thanks for all your efforts of making Airzone working with home assistant.
On the official application we can change the Fan Speed and call some Scene. it’s very practical for automations.
I can’t find the way set the fan speed and call scenes using home asssistant.
Is it something are you working on to implement ?

@tazrut yes, but the review is taking ages…

Thank you. I didn’t know it takes that much work just for the fan Speed !!

Many thanks to @Noltari for his work.

Does anyone know why the integration doesn’t appear? Only Airzone appears in the list but not Airzone Cloud. I can’t find it from the link or from the list.

I guess it’s a joke but it’s driving me crazy. I have Core version 2024.7.2, Supervisor 2024.06.2 and Operating system 12.4.

I had an old Airzone integration installed in “customs components” that never worked for me because it needed a local API.
I deleted it, restarted HA and the two integrations appeared: Airzone and Airzone cloud.
Airzone cloud installed and working
Thanks again for this excellent work

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