Hub Smart Home Controller ADC-NK-200T-A (Z Wave Plus)

Can someone tell me if this hub can be incorporated into Home Assistant?

I have about 10 door/window contact sensors when I had their alarm system. I no longer have the keypad which I assume doubled as a hub.

I was hoping the hub in the link above will allow me to use the contact sensors in my house,
or do I even need the hub if I load the integration via HACS.

The community integration for alarmdotcom connects HA to alarmdotcom hub status. So if you have a hub you need the integration and to use the integration you need a hub. But it has some caveats — namely (a) it uses an unofficial API that could stop working at any time, (b) it requires the internet and users report long lag times for sensor updates, and (c) it appears to require an active account. It’s basically the least efficient use of Z-wave sensors; even its maintainers don’t recommend using the integration for personal safety.

Note also, not all alarmdotcom sensors are Z-wave, so check the manuals for your sensors to be certain they’re compatible with a Z-wave hub like the one you linked. If they are proprietary, you’ll need the find the specific hub they’re designed to work with.

That said, if they are Z-wave sensors, you might not need an alarmdotcom hub (and account) to use them. I know Ring security sensors work with any Z-wave hub, including HA with zwavejs, so perhaps your sensors will, too. Just get a usb stick, exclude/reset your sensors, and pair them with HA zwavejs.

Thank you.
I threw out all the equipment except for the contact sensors. I’ll try to see if I can connect directly to HA with a z-wave stick.