Alarm control panel no "ARM NIGHT" button

Hi guys

I am very new about Home Assistant and may be I have a stupid problem:

I just installed Home Assistant on a Raspbian OS because I have deconz and homebridge installed and well running in my Raspberry pi 3.

I was looking for a platform able to run a simple home security system that have to be armed and disarmed in both HomeKit end Android environments (my sun have an Android smartphone)

Home assistant look very good but i have a strange problem, in Home assistant web interface I am unable to find the “ARM NIGHT” button, only “ARM HOME” and “ARM AWAY” buttons are available…

That hurt me a lot because in HomeKit I can see all the buttons… ( I am using “homebridge-homeassistant” with success…)

Can someone help me?

I have the same issue. Personally I have it all automated but you can file a bug in github to have it looked at.

It should reflect the states that you have enabled in the template, but it actually reflects all the available states. Not sure how to disable a state.