Alarm Control Panel with dynamic arming_time

I created a manual alarm_control_panel. I want to be able to to change the arming_time dynamically before arming the home.
I tried to set the arming_time in the alarm_control panel with a template:
{{ states('input_number.arming_time_zone1') | int }}
The template seems to work fine but I can’t find out how to put it in the config for the alarm_control_panel. Is that impossible or should I be able to put it in?

  - platform: manual
    name: Alarm Zone 1
    arming_time: {{ states('input_number.arming_time_zone1') | int }}
    trigger_time: 60
      trigger_time: 0
      arming_time: 0
      delay_time: 0

Hi there, did you find the solution. I’m interested since I’m facing the same issue.

I tried for too long and gave up… :pensive: