Alarm Panel / Envislink Display Options after 2024.6.2 Release

Hello! I use the alarm panel card to monitor and control my honeywell / envisalink alarm system. Prior to 2024.6.2, the card would simply display the status and have a button for Arm and Disarm. Now it’s also displaying the alarm panel keypad numbers. Any idea how I remove the keypad, since I had buttons for arm and disarm, without the need to enter a code (which already in my ymal file).

Anyone with the same problem, I found this open ticket:

Seeing the same issue with my mqtt alarm, it now displays indeed a huge keypad, that I don’t need…

Found a solution?

One option is to use card_mod to hide it

  - arm_away
type: alarm-panel
entity: alarm_control_panel.ha_alarm
  style: |
      #keypad {
       display: none !important;}
      ha-textfield {
      display: none !important;}

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I recently found, and installed, envisalink_new via HACS. It works much better, and will also migrate your existing envisalink config from configuration.yaml.

It is found at

Hopefully this one day will take over from the existing old, and outdated, envisalink integration.

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