Alarmdecoder - Arm without PIN

Thanks to @JuliusLedoux for coding support for the Alarmdecoder bridge. I know its not official yet.

I was wondering if its possible to arm (away/home) the control panel without having to enter your PIN. I would argue that it’s potentially adding security (vs. disarming). The alternative is just a button/script to execute a specifically crafted telnet command (as I do in OpenHAB).

Not sure if this is specific to the alarmdecoder component or the larger alarm panel.

Hi Gottsman,

Thanks for all your work on this, honestly I was a little bit sad that this component has not been added, yet, considering that it is Python and it is right on the alley of HASS. I totally understand that it is not a priority and that if we want something done we can do it ourselves, so again kudos to you!!
Currently I am using the MQTT implementation of Alarmdecoder (available at the HA forum), to arm and disarm the alarm, I also modified it a little bit to include the zones and it is working perfectly fine for me, I do not have to type the password all the time ( I included it on the configuration file for the alarm) and so far it works in a way that the “wife factor” is happy because it looks “password-less” or pin-less. :slight_smile: