Alecto SA33 smoke detector, RFXTRX loads no more than 3 devices

Howdy! After i finally got my RFXCOM to work and scanned for my devices (4 smoke detectors), i added the identifiers i got into my configuration file. However, only 3 out of 4 devices get loaded by Hassio after a reboot.
It doesn’t matter in which order i stick them in my config, or which devices i leave out, no more than 3 devices will be loaded and show up as available
My configuration looks like this:

  platform: rfxtrx
      name: smoke_detector_attic
      name: smoke_detector_livingroom
      name: smoke_detector_upstairs
      name: smoke_detector_utilityroom

No error in the logs, but there you can lso see that it just loads 3 of the 4 items above

2019-11-02 15:58:52 INFO (SyncWorker_14) [homeassistant.components.rfxtrx.sensor] Add smoke_detector_attic rfxtrx.sensor
2019-11-02 15:58:52 INFO (SyncWorker_14) [homeassistant.components.rfxtrx.sensor] Add smoke_detector_livingroom rfxtrx.sensor
2019-11-02 15:58:52 INFO (SyncWorker_14) [homeassistant.components.rfxtrx.sensor] Add smoke_detector_upstairs rfxtrx.sensor

‘smoke_detector_utilityroom’ is not mentioned in the logs, not even after a complete hassio reboot
Is it just me, or are there more people with this issue? Am i missing something here?

Ah, getting somewhere
For future reference, for others that want to use Alecto SA33 smoke detectors with RFXTRX, you might have a problem if the smoke detectors have been paired in master/slave configuration
After setting up my automations and triggering the smoke detectors one-by-one, i get the following entries in my log:

2019-11-02 18:34:31 DEBUG (Thread-2) [homeassistant.components.rfxtrx] Receive RFXCOM event from (Device_id: 846b00_32 Class: RFXtrxDevice Sub: 9, Pkt_id: 08200901846b000650)
2019-11-02 18:34:31 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Bus:Handling <Event signal_received[L]: entity_id=sensor.smoke_detector_living_room_sensor_status>

2019-11-02 18:40:50 DEBUG (Thread-2) [homeassistant.components.rfxtrx] Receive RFXCOM event from (Device_id: 842200_32 Class: RFXtrxDevice Sub: 9, Pkt_id: 082009038422000660)
2019-11-02 18:40:50 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Bus:Handling <Event signal_received[L]: entity_id=sensor.smoke_detector_attic_sensor_status>

2019-11-02 18:41:35 DEBUG (Thread-2) [homeassistant.components.rfxtrx] Receive RFXCOM event from (Device_id: 01f200_32 Class: RFXtrxDevice Sub: 9, Pkt_id: 0820090401f2000660)
2019-11-02 18:41:35 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Bus:Handling <Event signal_received[L]: entity_id=sensor.smoke_detector_upstairs_sensor_status>

2019-11-02 18:42:32 DEBUG (Thread-2) [homeassistant.components.rfxtrx] Receive RFXCOM event from (Device_id: 01f200_32 Class: RFXtrxDevice Sub: 9, Pkt_id: 0820090501f2000660)
2019-11-02 18:42:32 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Bus:Handling <Event signal_received[L]: entity_id=sensor.smoke_detector_upstairs_sensor_status>

Apparently, 2 of the smoke detectors send out the same panic message, with the same device ID. I guess this is because they have been paired in the past. Although i got 4 unique device identifiers when setting them up initially, aparently behind the scenes the long numerical identifiers you see in my post above get converted into something shorter, where they are no longer unique
Of course now the big question is: How to unpair the Alecto SA33 smoke detectors. Manual doesn’t say, Google doesn’t know, so i sent an e-mail to the manufacturer, waiting for a reply

Hoi Jasper,
Did you get a reply from the manufacturer?