Alert that pops up a question

I made an alert when my garage door is open after 5 minutes.
After that five minutes i want it to ask to close the garage door (i have a switch for that).

How do i do this?

This is my alert so far:

  name: "Garagepoort"
  title: "ALARM:"
  message: "De garagepoort is nog open"
  entity_id: binary_sensor.garage_poort
  state: "on"
  repeat: 5
  can_acknowledge: false
  skip_first: true
    - mobile_devices

Is that possible?

Thx , and where do i write down the event?

So if i add this

tag: freezer_door_alert
ttl: 0
channel: alerts
priority: high
ledColor: “red”
- action: “Sluit garagepoort”
title: “Sluit garagepoort”

Where do i fill in the “sluit garagepoort” action?