Alexa AVS on Pi with HASS

I set this up lats night on a spare Pi - and it works well -

The question is, will it work with HASS to automate anything? I’ve read somewhat conflicting reports in the forum , so I just wanted to ask outright and see if anyone knows. I can’t get it to discover the hue bridge on HASS - so I’m not sure. anyone have any input?

I built the AVS on a Pi the other night, but have not attempted HASS integration yet.

However, a friend of mine has done it (that’s why I started down this path) and he has it all working nicely.

So, I guess, yeah, I does work.


@Haacker - thanks for the heads up and the verification of your friend’s setup - if you get yours going - please post back, as of yet, mine will not discover the hue emulated bridge. I’ll be curious to see what you come up with. Thanks!!

The emulated hue will not work with AlexaPi You need to use the built in Alexa component.

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@frelev - that’s about what I had read, so your confirmation kind of solidifies that. I’ll try that component and see how it goes.

Thanks for the input!