Alexa cloud : only selected entities

Here is a my configuration file (I removed a lot of entities for visibility)
I want Alexa to discover only some selected entities but not all the entities for the domains (ex. all lights).

even with my configurations, it’s seems that everything is detected (and it’s a pain to remove a lot of devices on Alexa…)

PS I’m trying Nabu Casa at the moment (I have my own domain + SSL but cannot have Alexa without the cloud subscription)

      - light.kitchen_lights
      - switch.dryer_on_off

      name: Kitchen's Lights
      description: The kitchen's lights
      display_categories: LIGHT
      name: Dryer
      description: Dryer
      display_categories: switch

any idea how I should proceed?

update (I found the option in the Nabu Casa config page to expose or not some entity, I’m trying that)