Alexa does not find Node-Red devices (running via Add-on)

My use case is pretty simple. I want to use my Echo Dot (3rd gen) to control Home Assistant scripts. These scripts control my Philips Hue lights. Why use Home Assistant scripts instead of just Philips Hue integration? I can code precise values to the scripts and can easily group multiple Hue lights under it. Then I can just tell Alexa to “turn on Movie light” for example.

I started with emulated_hue, but it stopped working. Then I migrated to Alexa Smart Home Skill, but it was slower and didn’t always work for some reason. That’s why I’m giving Node-Red a shot.

All devices are running on the same network

  • RPI3, running (with SSL), running Node-Red via addon

  • 3rd gen Echo Dot

  • Philips Hue bridge v2

  • Philips Hue lights gen 3

For Node-Red, I followed this tutorial video: It uses the palette “node-red-contrib-amazon-echo”. I have added the Amazon Echo Hub and for testing, I added one Amazon Echo Device, that I connected to Home Assistant Call Service.

I deployed the schema, but Alexa does not find any devices for some reason. Does anybody have any tips on what I could do?

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This issue was at least temporarily fixed by unplugging my Hue bridge from the network, rebooting my Echo Dot and then asking Alexa to discover devices. After Alexa found the devices, I plugged the Hue bridge back.