Alexa + Emulated Hue loosing Devices regularly and finding phantom devices


For controlling my smart home devices, I use the Emulated Hue Integration with Alexa. It regularly lost my devices in the past, so I had to start the device discovery on Alexa again. That happens every 30-60 days approximately. However, lately it happens way more often every couple of days, which is very annoying.

Totally I have around 160 devices in Alexa. Is it just too much? Alexa also finds a lot of old devices that are no longer active (I uusually delete all of them and then do the device search again via the alexa website). It also finds switches etc. which I disabled via the configuration.

Here’s my config: Is there something wrong with it? I’d only like to expose light and input-booleans domains.

  host_ip: *********
  listen_port: 80
  expose_by_default: false
    - light
    - input_boolean
      hidden: true
      hidden: true