Alexa Home Assistant Skill "slow" / timing out

I only use 1 skill in Alexa, which is home assistant as everything in my “smart” home is connected to HA only, mainly via zigbee2mqtt.

Every now and then when I tell alexa to do something, she spins the circle for longer than usual (which is immediately do what I say), then what happens is: what I said starts happening while alexa will say Sorry the device XXXX is not responding.

I tested this numerous times and it fails in this way sooner or later, usually within 10 repetitions.

Just tell alexa: turn off ceiling lamp, turn on ceiling lamp, turn off ceiling lamp, turn on ceiling lamp and so on and on and sooner or later what I described will happen always without fail.

Is this something that happens to others? (Would anyone be willing to try to spam their alexa with on/off requests to test?) or is it something in my config ?

Thanks for any advice.

I get this occasionally. I’d prefer not to do any destruction testing though!

Is anything else happening on the network? My Internet connection is not the best, and Windows 10 updating sometimes slows things down.

I don’t think it’s network. Every wired device I got is plugged into 24port managed switch which is the only thing that connects to router. All wireless devices connect to deco m4 access point, which connects to said switch. I use librenms to monitor network interfaces amongst other stuff and although it only takes snapshot of machines state every 2min, in last few months there were zero errors or dropped packets on all interfaces. My internet is not the fastest, but pretty stable.

Seeing as all my devices are zigbee I can’t do much of testing different integrations. It’s no big bother just annoying when it happens.