Alexa keeps turning off my Thermostat

Please ignore this. It turned out that someone else in the house was turning it off because, due to an error in my Node Red logic, the overnight temperature was not set low, and the motor was waking him up!


I tried to delete the whole thing, but apparently I don’t have permission?! (Even though I created it!??)


I configured a generic thermostat 2 days ago that appears to Alexa as a real thermostat, and it’s working well - except…

For some reason, each night between 2am and 4am Alexa sends a command to power it off so no heating the next day. I don’t have any routines and at that time, no activity shows in the Alexa activity; also, I’m in the UK where hunches are not yet enabled (at least I see no setting for them).

Here are the HA log entries:


I guess as this appears to be an Alexa problem, my only option is to trap the state change and turn it back on, but I’d really like to know what is going on.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions / help!