Alexa Media Player and Captcha

I’m not sure if this is normal, but my Alexa Media Player integration periodically tanks and I have to reconfigure it. Basically, I think the authentication times out (even though I use 2FA). That wouldn’t be so bad, except that when I go into the Integrations page and click reconfigure, the screen that pops up does not present the captcha image correctly. I get a little box where the image should be. The only way out of this that I’ve found is to delete the integration and start over. Total pain.

Is there something I can do to get this working correctly?


When that happens I would look at the notification and see how long ago that persistent notification was fired… for me if it was more than about 10 minutes ago I wouldn’t get the captcha … if that was the case a reboot of home assistant will usually bring back a working captcha for me….

I have moved to the Authenticator app method a few versions back and have only had to reauth once in a couple months now (*knock on wood)

Well, damn! That worked! Thanks!

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Or you can enter a random string for the captcha and hit submit. You will immediately get a “error occurred” message and another captcha window. Which should be then be visible.