Alexa, Plex, and music?

Hi guys and gals.

I’m wondering if calling up a plex playlist/track/album/etc. to send to an echo is possible.

I have a few echo dots, a plex media server with lots of music and a local instance of hassio.
I’m using the alexa_media_player integration from @keatontaylor and @alandtse and the plex integration on hassio. I have no cast devices or sonos. I do have airplay capabilities (not airplay 2 though), but I’m not sure that would help.

Is it possible via any method for home assistant to have music from my plex server played through my echos? There’s a number of things I’d like to accomplish with this type of setup but basically I would like to set up a trigger and have one of the actions be “have alexa play xyz playlist from plex”

I have tts notifications that work great through the echos and would like to incorporate music if possible.

Thanks in advance anyone and everyone. If you need more info about my setup, please let me know.

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