Alexa Scenes (Not Available) But Working

My Emulated Hue/Alexa with Echo and Dot set up seams to have developed a strange problem.

When ever i trigger Scenes using Alexa she executes the command and turns on the scene but then replies.
"Sorry. The device "x" is not responding. Please check its network connection and power supply."

Is anybody else having/had this issue? I have tried removing all device in the Alexa app and re adding them and power cycling the Echo and Dot. Still the problem persists?

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Sounds like a firewall/router issue? The request is getting in to your HA instance and the command is being run, but the text response does not seem to be getting back to Amazon, hence the error message.

Anything in the logfiles?

Yep, very asnnoying

Strange that I also had this issue earlier too… But I assumed it was because I restarted HASS after some config changes.

This was a bug that is now fixed. Should appear in the next HASS update :wink:


Excellent thanks for the info

Seems like emulated_hue is not working now with some Alexa/Echo devices – Started with the Show, now has moved on to the Echo dot and other devices