Alexa skill long lived tokens



I was wondering with the new long lived tokens how can I configure alexa skill as the legacy api system will be abandoned soon.



i dont know if they really will abandon api password, because it will break a lot of things.
alexa skills is 1 of them, unless they recently changed something i am not aware of.


Well the issues I have had with 0.83 it broke my sd card with a flood of errors. I decided to remove the legacy api and now I am back tracking as to the things I have used the legacy api password for e.g. alexa skills, GPS logger, tasker, appdaemon, node red.

I am trying to deal one thing at a time but currently alexa skills are not working for me as I have disabled the legacy api.


a better way is not to update as soon as they release something new, but first look if they have added something you would use, and if there is something that could break something in your case and then if you know its stable update.

appdaemon can use long lived token, but if you have a dashboard with a cam you would need the api for now anyway. alexa skils the same.

in your case i would downgrade and use 82 untill the api problem is fixed.