Alexa 'This Device' entries


I’ve noticed a couple of devices in my HA installation which have the name ‘this_device’ and ‘this_device_2’.

I did a bit of tracing and i’ve found two devices associated with Amazon Alexa which have the name ‘This Device’. The serial numbers look a bit odd as well and don’t match up with the format i’d normally expect from an Amazon Device.

Does anyone have an idea what the device might be and how I can stop it appearing in HA?

When I use the interface at it won’t allow me to delete the items.



My phone gets named with This Device

And also, if you install the Alexa App on a PC it shows up as that too


I checked the Alexa App and the serial shown in there matches up with these devices. Annoyingly there doesn’t seem to be any way to assign a custom name.

At least now I know what they are I can disable the device in HA. I can’t see me using those for any specific automations.