Alfred Security Cameras (Free!)

Has anyone looked into Alfred for reusing old phones for security? They don’t seem to have an API yet but they also don’t seem to have any limitations on numbers of cameras and also have a web viewer…

Just curious if anyone has looked into this at all. Curious what you think of it…


Just saw this today as a matter of fact. Looks a lot like Manythings, right down to the subscription option and in app purchases. And of course, Manythings already is supported in HA.

From what I saw though, there are NO MONTHLY FEES. Just a One time ‘Ad Free’ purchase. $5.99 for as many devices as you want. The ManyThings is great but costly and from what I can see only supports 2 cameras.

Really? I hadn’t gone that far into it. I have plenty of credits, I’ll look into this.

I did mess with them for a while and I am no longer using them. :confused: They just weren’t reliable. Not worth the trouble.

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Thanks for the follow up!

Hi Robert (@rpitera) ,

As I didn’t find anything related to Manything camera component aside to this post, hence would like to ask you regarding that component integration into hass.

Actually, the description of the component only shows the possibility of triggering the manything motion sense via maker channel but I didn’t understand if Manything can be added into hass as a camera component like any other camera like Foscam?

Anyone had done it ?


Alfred had evolved a lot since 2016, has anyone able to integrate it in his/her dash?