AliExpress zigbee t-stats?

Have any of you guys used the cheap Zigbee t-stats on AliExpress?
I have a dozen different T-stats in my house, and most of the tried and true models are north of a $100 each. There are a few different T-stats on AliExpress in the $20 range that look interesting.

I’ve used the Sonoff ones that list for about $15. They’ve been fine.

I would say, what is t-stats? :slight_smile:

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How the cool kids say thermostat is my guess (I’m not cool).

oh, thanks, good to learn :slight_smile: I would also stick to thermostat.

Back to original question then, I am also using tuya based zigbee thermostats at home around 25 Euro for last 2 years.

Thanks for the feedback folks!
Are any of you US based? The wiring designation looks like its international on the Tuya ones… I think they might work, but I’m not sure. US furnaces use 24v AC power. These may connect directly to the line level AC. Do I have that right?