All add-ons are no longer loading when booting

Not sure why or even how this is happening. I’ve checked the log file and can’t see anything listed.

I’m running hassio 92.2 and the only error I can see that could possibly be related is this line

[hassio.tasks] Watchdog found a problem with Home Assistant Docker!

I can start the add-ons and they start fine. I’ve tried uninstalling and adding them again but the same problem exists when I reboot.

My Hassio install is on ProxMox VM using this install method -

Ive tried going back to a previous snapshot too and it worked - but then when I rebooted it again it stopped working!!

It had been fine for over a month or so.

Has anyone any ideas? Thanks

Are they set to start on boot? There is an toggle to set this for each add-on.

Yes I can confirm they are all set to start on boot.