All Home Assistant Devices going offline

Hello. I am new here and new to home assistant. My home assistant is run off a raspberry pi with an SD card. Everything has been working just fine for over a month now.
I woke up this morning and all of my devices were unavailable and have been so for several hours. Devices include ESPHome devices, Ecowitt sensors, and Kauf plugs. I have tried unplugging the raspberry pi and plugging back in and nothing changed. I tried running all available updates and that did not help.

I looked in Fing and saw the pi is connected to the network and I can ping it just fine. The other devices are unavailable.

The logs for the devices just shows the firmware being off and unavailable. I still have plenty of available disk space.

Any help you can provide is appreciated. Thank you.

Perhaps this issue? Issues · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub

Which particular issue are you pointing to?

I estimate 60% chance it’s the SD card gone bad given that description. All SD cards go bad, some sooner than later.

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