All my history is gone

someone experience that issue? I can’t see any history of any entity

Did you delete your database ?

no, I don’t know where that database is
and if so it should have been start the statistics by now

Check the log for database errors.

were I can found the logs?

Developer Tools > Logs. If you see something like “database disk image is malformed” delete home-assistant_v2.db in the same directory as configuration.yaml and then restart home assistant.

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thanks, indeed I had that error and deleting the file solved the issue
why this is happened?

Can happen for a number of reasons. The most common as far as I know is after a snapshot restore.

thank you that helped me fixed my issue :slight_smile:

  1. I could not find Developer Tools > Logs.
  2. I went forward and deleted the home-assistant-v2.db
  3. After restart I could see history again, but there is no previous history.

Question: can it be restored from a backup?

If it’s not corrupted in your backup, yes.

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SQL lite is just a file

It has moved to Configuration / Settings

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thank you so much

I have this issue and have no errors in the log? any pointers?