All Weather readings are wrong no idea why

I am fairly new to all this but I’ve exhausted all my ideas on what might be wrong and can’t figure it out.

My issue is just all the weather readings I’m getting are wrong by about 10 degrees. I’ve checked my Lat and Long settings. I’ve tried a few different services. I’ve even gone to DarkSky and checked my actual location to what it’s showing me in HA.

What am I missing or where can I dig further to figure it out?

I’m at a loss and really appreciate everyone’s expertise, thanks!

do you have the variables set right after your lat/long? (your location may vary):

  elevation: 110
  unit_system: imperial
  time_zone: America/Chicago
  temperature_unit: F

I checked my lat and long and elevation against a few different sites and wound up with very different elevation numbers. I changed it and now things are looking right. I’m right on the coast so a little change had a large effect.

Thanks for your help