All yaml files have xcode as default file opener!

When I tried to open a yaml file I saw that the file has as default file opener xcode! I never saw this before and it also doesn’t work. Upon looking further many file now have the same xcode as the default file opener as per the attached screen shot.

Has anyone have the same issue and if so how can Thisbe changed?

Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 18.04.53|113x500

First Google result:

Yes i know I can do that, but the default application to open HA files never was xcode for any of the files. How can this all of a sudden change? And how can I change the default file back to what normally is Textedit?

No idea I have very little experience with macs.

In the link I posted:

This is what I get when i try to change the default file:

and home assistant is working fine!

That’s because what application Mac OS uses to open a file has nothing to do with home assistant operating correctly.

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Best thread right here. Best thread.

Here where?