Allow specifying default transition for lights that support transition

At the moment, there’s no way to specify default transition value for lights that have the SUPPORT_TRANSITION attribute. I can add transition value to a scene or automation, but when controlling lights via frontend or cloud (Alexa/GoogleHome) there’s no way to control transition which results in a jarring/abrupt experience (specially with LIFX lights, which I use). I could create a light template but there are no options to override color/colortemp calls.

It would be great if the default transition value could be specified for the light and/or the light group.

FWIW, I made a change to support default transitions in the light profiles feature. And it just got released in 0.114! Take a look at those docs to see how to use it.

Saw it already, thanks!

Sadly doesn’t work for ZHA when only changing colors (yet):

Edit: Maybe I’m also not using it correctly(?)