Allowing Philips Hue groups with discovery

I had to remove and add my Philips Hue lights due to some issues (bridge double detected after update of HA and I removed the wrong instance so lights did no longer work).

Now with auto discovery of my bridge apparently the allow_hue_groups is no longer true by default(?) Is there a way to turn it on for my already discovered bridge? I would like to keep using discovery instead of manual adding the ip’s of my bridge(s).

Something like this would be nice but I suppose it won’t work:

    - allow_unreachable: true
      allow_hue_groups: false

Edit: I accepted defeat and just added this to my configuration.yaml, now groups (rooms) work again

      - host: x.x.x.x (ip of hue bridge)
        allow_unreachable: true
        allow_hue_groups: true

I prefer it to HA groups since this works perfectly when just 1 light in a group is on (then I just want that 1 light to go off) and everything switches at the same time.