AlphaESS Sensors Energy Dashboard

Hello all, I have recently had an AlphaESS Solar and battery system installed and am trying to add this infomration into the energy dashboard.

I have come across a few posts on here but none have help me resolve my issue.

My sensors are all showing as one big list for now and seem accurate (below)

However, following this post HERE

Everything shows in the dashboard but the data is massively out.


There is no way on earth my home is pulled 33KWh of power. The Alpha app on iOS does not show this type of usage either and does reflect the information in the card at the top.

Can anyone with the same system offer any assistance as to how they got theirs to show correctly?

Many thanks in advance.

On my system I’ve removed the Grid To Battery comsumption entry as it is already included in the Grid to Load entity. I think this may be the different setup you need if you have one of AlphaESS AC-coupled systems.