ALPR Home Assistant on Docker


I’ve got a problem that I want to share with you guys. I’ve tried a lot but I haven’t manged to solve it so far…

I run HomeAssistant on an old computer on which I run Ubuntu server. Installed docker and hassio, you know the drill.

I want to add automated license plate recognition (ALPR) to my home assistant to open a gate around the house. (to the driveways so there are nog safety issues).

The local alpr isn’t working. I’ve been running in a lot of problems because HASSIO is running in an container in stead of running in the ‘normal’ directory. Fixed all those problems with the help of this forum. Alpr works perfect when I run it in ssh (only as a root). But when I run it from whitin HomeAssistant as a Shell_command I have no permissions because HA in a container isn’t root.

Don’t know if it is a clear, but I can’t figure it out myself haha.

Any ideas?