Alternative Hardware to RPI for Hassio

Hi Guys,

I have been running hassio for several years on a rpi3 and as my home network as grown I find that I now have several other computers which are permanently switched on and connected to my network. So i was wondering about moving hassio to one of these other computers, as it seems a bit daft to have a seperate rpi just for hassio if I can run it smoothly on one of these.

Options are as follows:

  • iMac running virtualbox - I have played around with this setup and seems to work ok.
  • FreeNas Server box - currently used for file backups.

I’m not particularly wedded to FreeNas so if there are more straight forward alternatives to combine file backups and hassio on the same server I would be interested to hear peoples views and setups.

I understand that some people use ‘Unraid’ I have no knowledge or experience of this software, but I’d prefer to use Opensource.

Ideally I looking for robust file serving and backup that can run hassio without too much trouble shooting. Maybe my current setup is already OK, but interested to hear what setups others use?

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Spin up docker on the Freenas and then run hassio in docker…

I would avoid the iMac. I tried this using docker and networking was slow and discovery was broken.

Docker works great though so I would second docker on Freenas.

Docker container for Home Assistant (not HASS.IO) only on Raspberry Pi 3B+ . Uses MariaDB on same RPi, but not in Docker.

Also thinking about moving to a more powerful server (already present), thanks to Docker, this would be a matter or minutes.

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I’m currently running HA and Postgres in a docker-compose container on a Raspberry Pi 3. Have a Pine64 Rockpro64 on the way. Based on the current issues I see, I expect that 4X the memory and 10X the network will make it an inexpensive HA server.

Not possible, without creating a Virtual Machine. Plus there is no USB passthrough.

I am not familiar with freenas, but this would imply docker in freenas is quite possible…

I am familiar with FreeNAS, as I have been running it for somewhere around 11 years.

FreeNAS does NOT have native Docker capabilities, and their current implementation involves the system automatically creating a Linux VM to host Docker.

It simply does not work natively.

You might look in to Rockstor ( It is a NAS solution built on Linux w/Docker, rather than BSD like FreeNAS, and they already have a community HA “rock-on” plugin ( Now, this isn’t currently a HassIO add-on, but it is something to start with since you can build your own rock-on plugins.