Amazon Alexa api password?

Hi all,

Hopefully an easy one in the setup for amazon alexa https://YOUR_HOST/api/alexa?api_password=YOUR_API_PASSWORD
but as I understand it api_password has now been deprecated?



Has no-one ever implemented Alexa?

I have but didn’t use api_password

How are you trying to implement Alexa? And what are you trying to accomplish (control of devices or something like text to speech)? There are ways to do this without API passwords so I don’t know what guide you’re going off of.

I just wanted to be able to get Alexa to operate a particular switch within HA, I was using this guide:

emulated gue may be easier, however your switch will appear to Alexa as a light

I’d agree, emulated_hue would work best if you just want one switch. There’s also HAASKA which involves more work but is free or the Nabu Casa cloud component.

Thanks guys I will check out the emulated hue…

I can’t get the API_PASSWORD working with the Alexa Alexa Flash Briefing.
The https://YOUR_HOST/api/alexa/flash_briefings/BRIEFING_ID?api_password=YOUR_API_PASSWORD is just returning “401: Unauthorized” all the time. And the legacy API_PASSWRD is working fine to access the web UI so it is properly setup in configuration.yaml

Any idea what the problem could be?
Thank you!