Amazon Echo (Alexa) Push Notifications using Tasker and Home Assistant

Tossed this together in a few hours thanks to the simplicity of Tasker and AutoRemote. Basically it allows you to send push messages to echo devices (and your phone) via the new alexa calling service.

Here is a brief overview of how it works.


Basically Tasker is handling the brunt of the work on an old android device. It receives a message from AutoRemote with the provided URL and passes that to an AutoInput task that launches the Alexa app, navigates to the correct messages page and types the message from AutoRemote into the text field and taps send.


To receive the messages I created a new profile for the phone and named it Home Assistant. So that when a message is received it will say it is from home assistant and ask me if Iā€™d like to read it.

Video Demo:

Here is a video demo of it working:

Home Assistant Integration:

This is simple by using an rest_command and modifying the AutoRemote url as needed.


Sounds really interesting and an inventive way to jump on a zero day feature.

It would be great if you could share the project in a little more detail when you get a chance.

Nice! Thanks for share.,

Here is a more detailed video of the setup.