Amazon smart plugs via emulated_hue - device missing in the Alexa routine trigger?

Hi all,

New to HA… I have a bunch of amazon smart plugs that I want to control from Home Assistant app. I am using the emulated_hue approach, and have created an input_boolean/binary_sensor device that was properly discovered by Alexa app and working like a virtual light switch.

However, I need to use this “light switch” to trigger the actual on/off of the actual amazon smart plug. But when I go to create a Routine in Alexa app, the device does not appear under “Smart Home” at the “When this happens” step. I have tried different “device_class” in my configuration.yaml setup, but none of them worked.

In fact, in the Alexa app, I can’t seem to trigger the routine on any smart plugs (other than my Ring doorbell).

Am I missing something obvious here?

Has anyone recently used emulated_hue to control Amazon smart plug successfully?

Below is my emulated_hue and input_boolean sections in the configuration.yaml:

  host_ip: 192.168.X.XXX
  listen_port: 80
  expose_by_default: true
    - light
    - switch
    - input_boolean

    name: "LR light"

    platform: template
          friendly_name: "Alexa HA - LR Light"
          device_class: garage_door
          value_template: "{{ is_state('input_boolean.alexa_ha_lr_light', 'on') }}"

I am running HA in docker on a raspberry pi 3b+.

Thank you so much!