Ambient Weather additional sensors

The Ambient Weather integration documentation is a little sparse and has no information on which sensors are available. This data comes from the cloud and which data are available could vary widely depending on the weather station hardware. That is likely why this information is lacking in the documentation.
Is there anyone out there using the Ambient Weather integration that is using add on temperature sensors with their AW station? The information I have is that the additional temperature sensor data is not available on the local display, at least for the 2902C system, meaning it is only available in AW app, meaning from cloud. I would like to add an additional sensor for my greenhouse if this sensor data would be available for HA. I current am using a Tuya based temperature/humidity sensor but have been unable to make it work with either of the Local Tuya integrations. It was working in the Tuya Cloud integration but apparently the free account has a limited duration as it failed after about a month. My observation is that he Tuya based sensor that I have has unsupported firmware and that is the reason that I cannot make it work with the Local Tuya integrations.
If I can add a sensor to my Ambient Weather station and if HA is able to ‘see’ that sensor, that would be a simple answer to my problem. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Update: An inquiry to Ambient Weather on this question has been answered and the answer is that additional temperature sensors are not reported through the Ambient Weather HA integration. My search continues for a non-Tuya, non-cloud based wifi thermometer.