Ambient Weather api stopped working

There is a Facebook group for Ambient Weather Network Users, which is monitored by Ambient. There are reports of server problems from group members.

Tried again to re-add the Integration. Old API key failed…new API key worked. Could be coincidence of timing, but that worked for me.

Anyone written a group of rest sensors to scrape the observer web page?

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Down for me as well, I even tried new keys.

Same here since Saturday afternoon. Weather station tablet works fine, Ambient webpage works fine, API hangs waiting for a socket connect.

Same here. Mine stopped yesterday.

I removed and readded the integration with a new api key and it seems to have updated for short time and is now not updating again.

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I’m in the same boat. It stopped working yesterday and this morning it still wasn’t working so i removed the integration and readded with new keys. It started working but as of now it is down again. The readding and working again might have just been a coincidence.

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I’m in the same boat.

I just got a message from Ambient that they are doing maintenance on there system and it should be finished shortly. The time stamp was 1:56pm. ?

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Mine worked and then stopped. A local option would be great.

Since it wasn’t working anyway, I completely removed ambient_station from my configuration.yaml. It still loads and tries to start the web socket with the api_key I just generated, and again with the old api_key that was removed from configuration.yaml yesterday (tries to open 2 web sockets). Why does it do this? Where does it cache the old configuration?

Depending on which version on HA you’re running, Ambient might have been discovered and an integration setup automatically. I removed the yaml config several versions ago. Check Integrations under Configuration in the UI.

Thanks, Gary! There were two Integrations for Ambient Weather, I deleted them both, restarted the server, and I now “I have weather!”

Thanks again.

I deleted the integration and when I try to reinstall it I get “Invalid API Key and/or Application Key”.
I confirmed they are correct in my Ambient Weather profile.

I may have spoken too soon. It worked great the first time I restarted the server. But when I had to restart the server again, it appears to hang on “Attempting WebSocket connection to wss://…”

Stopped working for me August 1 18:50 Eastern time, then started working again briefly (about 5 hours) yesterday, then stopped again. I tried generating new API and App keys in ambientweather’s UI but that didn’t affect anything. Thought maybe it was a problem with HA so pulled in the newest Docker image but same thing. Glad to see at least it’s not just me. I imagine the issue must be on Ambient’s side.

same here… was struggling with something else and thought I must have messed up ambient, but I am glad to see it is not me for once!

Same here - delete integration re-add it = works Restarted HA - broken again. Created new API and app jeys - cannot configure it anymore “Invalid API Key and/or Application Key”
Added manually on configuration yaml file - shows that it needs to be Configured
Nothing works anymore

I found that you must close out of the Ambient site before you try using HA or it will give you the invalid keys error.