Ambient Weather: Problem with sensors

Hi All,
Since two weeks ago all my sensors from Ambient Weather stops working until I restart HA. It stops working about 20h (very strange) … I didnt change anything related with AW but it looks its failing since they updated their platform a month ago (not sure if its related)
I tried deleting and adding again the integration, reviewing that api keys are ok…

someone else here with same problem?

Regards Captura

This is a known issue, you can see it being discussed on github. I think it’s been resolved in 107.7

Thanks by the reply… I’m using 107.7 and error continue :frowning:

Yup, I just had it die for me too. We believe this happens when the API is down or having heavy latency, and the web socket never gets reconnected.

Hope any solution appears soon… With darksky going down, aw is my last hope :wink:

Same here, even created a Python script to monitor some of the parameters and when old = current it restarts the entire HA system.

1- Is this a API error or Integration error already mapped/reported?
2- Is there a way to recover from this without restarting the entire HA?