Amcrest Integration Clarification

While reading the documentation for the Amcrest integration, I noticed this paragraph:

Note: Amcrest cameras with newer firmware no longer have the ability to stream high definition video with MJPEG encoding. You may need to use low resolution stream or the snapshot stream source instead. If the quality seems too poor, lower the Frame Rate (FPS) and max out the Bit Rate settings in your camera’s configuration manager. If you defined the stream_source to mjpeg , make sure your camera supports Basic HTTP authentication. Newer Amcrest firmware may not work, then rtsp is recommended instead.

Why is streaming in high quality no longer possible? Is this an Amcrest limitation or Home Assistant?

Amcrest/Dahua cameras can stream high def just fine to HASS via H.264 encoding. When you select the encoding options on Amcrest cameras you probably won’t see MJPEG as an option for the main stream, but only for the substream. That is what this paragraph is referring to. (Note that H.265 encoding is also available on newer cameras, but most browsers outside Safari don’t support it).

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Thank you very much for the clarification and extra detail!