Android 6.0 tablet installation of HA client not registering 'Mobile_App_xyz' for notifications

The HA client does work well on it, I can see it in the HA devices list and its sensors, however it doesn’t register a mobile_app_xyz entry for sending notifications to.

Because of this I am unable to send notifications to this particular device.

All others are fine and register their mobile_app_xyz in the server for sending notifications to.

Probably something I have to do manually because of its age (Android 6)?

Any ideas?

no it should register it fine, when you logged into the device you didn’t see an error about “Firebase” with a retry or skip option did you? Also which device is this?

In fact yes, on this device a ‘firebase’ error did come up, ??

The device is an Akuvox IT82C tablet.

check app configuration > logs to be sure but most likely the device doesn’t support firebase notifications as its a google service

More on how companion app notifications work: Privacy, rate limiting and security | Home Assistant Companion Docs

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On this device even log doesn’t appear to function.

Out of interest, are there any apk’s which one could install to enable the firebase functionality on a device without any google software?

ouch that screen uses standard logcat calls too :confused:

I have yet to find one so I can install it on my amazon tablets, even installing the play store is not good enough. One thing that I discovered was that I needed to install and open google maps to get the device tracker functional on those tablets. Its not just part of play services but possibly some other APK but I haven’t had much luck.

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Would be great if the homeassistant server itself had a push service internally, quite amazed that most apps are using the google push service.

The good news is that I am able to play audio notifications via hacs/browser_mod

Just a little extra configuration for a handful of alerts, so not the end of the world.

not possible because then each user would need to build the app with their own URL’s, the one that its pointed to now is one maintained by HA per the link above

thats because google makes our life easier by allowing us to utilize APIs that are easy to implement instead of coming up with our own solution.

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I created a push service back in 2008 in for a client. Was processing in excess of a million messages every few seconds. Very easy to do.

Maybe something to look into in the future as an option for those who like to keep everything ‘local’ and off the cloud. Wouldn’t need to code any urls, would just use a socket with the primary local HA server.

All of that aside, the HA companion app is a wonderful tool and really makes HA a joy to use on the fly. :slight_smile:


So mobile_app actually has support for local notifications using websockets, the iOS app is already making use of this

The android app very recently started to gain support for websockets in the beta version. Theres still more to do around websockets before we can start doing the rest but the goal is to eventually move off google services. Currently there is a minimal version of the app for those who do not use google services and that app lacks location tracking and notifications and anything else that relies on google services like Wear OS.

We are also open source and mostly volunteer based so anyone who wants to submit a PR to move something off a google service is more than welcome to.

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That sure does make it an easier task if the server side already supports it. I’ve only ever worked in Windows/Microsoft environments otherwise I would be on this yesterday, I do hope a fluent android programmer with time to spare jumps in to replicate the iOS method. Privacy is a hot topic these days, off-the-grid smarthomes is a very real thing :wink:

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