Android Chat-App to send the location

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Hi everyone,

i hope this is the right place for this.

When i searched for a possibility to create my own Chatbot i did not found anything.
And i could not find a possibility to share my location with my server without using public servers either.
So i decided to fork a simple MQTT-Messenger-App, added the option to choose from lists of topics, a list of commands i want to send as well as the option to share my location live with my Homeassistant where a python-script processes all inputs.
It’s also very handy to listen to the server to debug other home-automations that use MQTT!

The result is not perfect, but it works great for me so i wanted to share it.
Currently the data is transferred unencrypted, because its designed for usage in local networks or VPN only.

The Code is available on Github: GitHub - ahormann/MQTT-Chat: This is a repository for an android chat application

I would love to get some feedback:)

You do realise the android app sends GPS position?

The Homeassistant-App?
Yes, but that gives me no control over when i am sharing my location or in which Interval the location is updated
Or at least i did not find such control…
Plus: The Android-Api allows recording speed and altitude which is as far as i know not tracked by location-sesors in Homeassistant (And therefore by the Homeassistant app?) but sometimes interesting data.
Or in short: I just wanted a solution that fits my needs perfectly and not just okay