Android Companion App + Nabu Casa help

I’ve been trying on and off for a few weeks now to set up my external nabu casa url on my companion app but every time I change the home assistant url in the companion app it bricks the entire app and I have to start over. I’ll change my home assistant url to be the nabu casa link and then enter my wifi SSID and finally change the internal url to be the local url (http://homeassistant.local:8123) but then once I save those settings my app becomes completely unresponsive even when I change the home assistant url back to the local version and remove my SSID (essentially returning to how it was before I started tinkering). I can still access my instance as usual through my desktop using the local link and the nabu casa link. The only way I can get the app working again is to reinstall the app entirely which is a pain because then I need to recreate all my android widgets again.

Has anyone else got this working?


Just a thought.
Don’t add the local url or wifi SSID, just the external url.
And before you open the app open the Nabu casa url in browser and log in and connect.

That way the connection should be there when you start the app and enter the url.

So would I essentially be using the nabu casa link even when I’m at home? I would have prefered to be using the local link automatically when it detects I’m in my home network. I thought that’s the point of entering your SSID

Also, I got some movement by clearing some of my login tokens in home assistant and going into app info and clearing the cache and storage in the app. When I opened the app again next it began the process of registering my app like it was the first time but this time the only link it let me select was the nabu casa link so when I look at my app configuration that’s the link that registered as both the main home assistant url and also my internal url

In the past I could not use the internal URL, so I had to leave it blank.
And I used to have issues with SSID also.

I wanted you to try because that is how you narrow down what the issue is.
Repeating the same thing and getting the same result each time does not lead anywhere.
Instead start small and work your way bigger until you find where the issue is.

Perhaps the local url does not work, and it sees the SSID so it’s forced to use the local and gets stuck.
That is why I say debug what the issue is, remove everything that is not essential and add until it breaks.

I changed the internal url to http://homeassistant.local:8123 and the instance became unreachable again. Thankfully this time I was able to revert the internal url back to the nabu case url and it started working again but it looks like it just doesn’t like me changing the local url at all. I’d imagine it is a case where it notices that I’m on the local network so it tries to use the local url but for some reason it just doesn’t like the http://homeassistant.local:8123 url I’m using. You don’t need to set up wifi on your instance in this case or something? I’ve been using ethernet exclusively.

Thanks for your help by the way :slight_smile:

try to use the real IP of your HA instead, perhaps the DNS does not work.

Ya was half thinking about assigning a static IP to my HA instance and trying that instead. I’ll give it a go and come back later

That looks to be the issue. I set a static IP and then entered that as the internal url instead and I was able to access the instance without having to refresh external url. Not sure how I would check whether I’m using the local url or not but it didn’t tank the connection as soon as I changed the internal url this time so I’m assuming it’s ok now. Must have been a DNS issue after all :+1:

Unplug the internet cable from your router.
If it still works, you are on local