Androidtv alexa, LAMBDA and Harmony

Well the subject is pretty nuts I know. Here is what I’m trying to do. Wanted to see if it’s already been done or I’m going about this the wrong way.

Basically want to control all my home media equipment with Alexa. But I don’'t want to have to tell alexa like “Alexa, ask NVIDIA SHIELD to turn on TV” or “Alexa ask NVIDIA SHIELD to switch to YouTube”.

I want to leave out the NVIDIA SHIELD piece as an example in this scenario. I do this today by using a custom LAMBDA function setup as a Home Automation component so doesn’t require the additional items to be said for some other things. Like “Alexa, turn off the lights”. Another example of the thing I’m trying to avoid, I use MyMedia so have to say “Alexa, ask MyMedia to play X song”. Annoying.

So I am getting a harmony hub and remote (elite), a Nvidia Shield only because from what I can tell it’s the best media player out there, and some other things but want to be able to fully control the Shield.

So I want to be able to do volume up and it will change it on my Denon. Open YouTube and it will launch YouTube on the Shield. Say Play and it will play what selected. Say Up or Down and it will navigate up or down.

Again though I want to do this all with as little commands as possible. So items like the Shield have an Alexa skill but it’s garbage and can barely control the unit. Was trying to understand setting up all these controls in HA and then exposing them to Alexa thru the Lambda function how that would look or work.

What do I mean by “look”? Well I basically have to map out each button right? So if I’m in youtube and want to search for something I would have to be able to say anything and have it show up. So maybe I want to have it search for 123456. I would have to say that and isn’t then each of those numbers a button which Alexa needs to be programmed to accept and then pass back to HA so it can send those individual commands to the Harmony?

Make sense?

Any pointers?