Anonymous/guests access to limited entities

Hi folks,

I’d love it if I could create some “anonymous”/guests views to expose some limited entities to guests at home.

My idea is to allow any guests (my mom/dad) staying at home with the kids to be able to control some entities at home without having access to the default Overview/Energy dashboards or any other settings. This would only work when connected to the same LAN.

For now, I got something similar by creating a non-admin “guest” user, then logging in with my mom’s phone, heading to settings to hide the sidebar, and setting a custom “Guests” dashboard as the default one. This workaround kind of works for now… but it’s not ideal because she can still wander around and control more things than she is supposed to. Also, this requires applying the settings (hiding the sidebar and setting the user’s default dashboard) on every device using that user.

I think that implementing anonymous access to selected dashboards would solve this “guests” view very nicely.