Another component for ZiGate


As you can see the entity_id is different from the real addr, this is because the entry exists in your entity_registry file, so HA use the customized entity_id instead of the new one.

This is a good point, because it means that you can paire again a device without loosing all your automation, group, etc


Short pushing the button does not work.
Can I completely remove the entity_id from the database and start all over?


You just have to edit the entity_registry.yaml file and restart HA.

You can choose a custom entity_id or just remove it to let HA recreate it


Still nu luck.
removed the entity_id from the yaml file and repaired.
got a new zigate entity and was removed after resetting HA.
attributes updating. strange.

also strange that it is not reporting as a binary_sensor


You don’t have to paire again.
Some device just don’t send type


It is still not working. Entity_id is in the yaml file but not showing up in the dev-info entity list.


This is what i get pairing a aqara temp/pressure/humidity sensor.
Is this right?


Some further information. This is from the log file:


It looks perfect


But why is the enity disappered after a reset.
How can i solve this?


What do you name a reset ?


A reset off HA


Migration done.
1/ It seems presence update is longer that before
Do you observe the same delay ?

2/ i’m getting “The ZiGate device 1386 needs some refresh (missing important information)” at every startup.
What does that mean ?



You need to call service zigate.refresh_device
with data {“addr”:“1386”}

If device is on battery you also need to push link button directly after calling the services


Thanks @biau
For aqara device, is it possible to disable that message ? ( because device never anwser ? )

EDIT : is it possible de add the date of the last successfully “reponse received” in order to detect unbind device ?

EDIT 2 : THere is a way to automatcaly pool device in order to prevent “leave” command send by the zigate ( when device do no comunicate ) ?



On a refresh to get the entity_id, i get the following response:


Just tested the Ikea tradfri light. The E27 bulb works fine. Can switch the light on and off and controll the brightness.
The LED16505R5, when it is off I can switch it on, but the switch behaves like a toggle switch.
I can controll the brightness though.


What ???


I see also that. without more details :frowning:

If it’s real, I will continue the project on my side, but i’m not a python expert so it could take more time to evolve than before probably…


I just stop this project for some reasons (not related to zigate itself)

Feel free to fork it, I won’t developp for zigate anymore.