Another emulated hue issue

I know there’s a ton of posts about this and I’ve looked through them, but for whatever reason I can’t find something that’ll work. My Amazon Echo will not discover my devices. I have the following as my setup in config:

  host_ip: hassio address
  listen_port: 8300
  expose_by_default: true

and the following under customize:

  friendly_name: Kitchen Table
  emulated_hue_hidden: false

I only have one z-wave lightswitch (which is what this is) so it’s not an issue of having too many devices. Additionally, I’ve reserved an IP address for hassio and i’ve run discovery from the app, the web browser, and verbally. Nothing seems to be working. Am I just an idiot and missing an important step? I am very new with this so that could very well be the issue.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Hello @TortiousTortoise,

Have you managed to fix you problem?

Today I decided to delete all devices from my Alexa and start emulated_hue again (big mistake!!! :rofl: end-up having more work then I wanted)
With same configuration that had been working for nearly a year Alexa just didn’t discover any of my devices.

So I have been playing with the configurations and what made it finally work was:

  host_ip: !secret hassio_ip
  listen_port: 8300
    - light

After Hassio reboot Alexa could finally find something, then I re-added the other exposed_domains (script, switch, group, input_boolean, fan)


I have not managed to fix it. I did a complete re-install of so I’m hoping this time around it’ll work. I plan on using similar configurations to what you’ve posted and what I’ve heard from Reddit.

I do have a 2nd generation Echo so I’m also thinking that may be the issue - I’ve read a fair amount where people have been saying the 2nd generations don’t work with the emulated_hue like the first generation.

Glad to hear you got yours to re-discover everything though! That does sound like a lot of work haha.