Any alternative to stats card?

I need show stats of a few entities and I want a customizable style card instead use Statistic card - Home Assistant

Are there any custom card with stats support?


In particular:

Thanks, but I want a numeric card, not chart.

Yeah, I’ve been looking as well, but haven’t found any direct replacement.

Something that might work, but I haven’t tried it yet is setting up statistics sensors for each number I want to track:

and then it should be possible to use them in any of regular or custom cards that can display entity state.

Also it’s unclear to me if those sensors can get data from long term statistics or not.

Sorry, I think I did not explain well…

Actually, we have this card: Statistic card - Home Assistant

It allow create a card and show stats grouped by periods with offset and anothers “fun” things, but, it the style is not customizable.

Yeah, I understood you correctly. But I did mixed up what the statistics sensors can do, I thought they have more options for selecting periods, but it seems it’s only “max age”, so it’s always a period up until now. So yeah, they can’t be used to replace the card.

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If all you want to do is adjust the styling then use card-mod.