Any clever projects out there for keeping deer out of a garden?

Does anyone have any ideas for projects that might help keep deer out of a garden? I live near woods and it’s always an uphill battle to keep a garden uneaten from animals. They always seem to come at night time and eat everything off the plants. I have some nice self-watering setup going in the garden, but that becomes useless when everything gets eaten.

Anyone else here dealing with anything similar that might have a suggestion for some sort of electronic project to deter the animals?

The deer around here habituate to “scary” things so quickly that the only solution we’ve found is a tall fence.

This is the exact type of project where you can let your imagination and creativity flow!

Simply ask yourself, “what deters deer/animals”? then go to town!

It’s called a rifle, (Forgive me, deer are an introduced invasive species that should be eliminated here in NZ)


Believe me, I’m counting the days until hunting season. But it’s illegal to shoot them out of season even if they are destroying my garden.

I’m tempted to bring out some of my homemade motion activated Halloween scares. I’ll definitely need to lower the volume on then to avoid freaking it the neighbors.

The first year I planted a vegetable garden I worried about deer eating everything, but they never bothered it even though I saw them in the yard at night right next to it on cameras. I had sown handfuls of wildflower seeds in with the vegetables and felt that the dense growth might have confused them, but I’ll never know if that actually helped.

I’ve recently installed a fence around the yard, but I had considered a solar powered electric fence with white tape for the conductors. Once they get zapped they’ll associate the tape with the shock and you may no longer need the actual electric charger. I’ve also read that deer will jump a tall fence, but they won’t jump a double fence. They can’t judge the depth between them and won’t try it.

You can buy coyote urine sprays that people swear by.

Motion detector + irrigation system, as a starting point.

Scarecrow motion activated sprinklers work for me. I also know that an electric fence covered in peanut butter (deer love peanut butter) is very effective.- deer licks electric fence then deer leaves immediately :rofl:

Sadly this didn’t work. I have such electric tape on a neighbour property, where horses were kept a few months ago. I’m very sure the deer had experience with it and learned to not touch it. However, the horses are gone, the tape is no longer turned on, a couple months passed and the deer learned they can go through the tape and it didn’t hurt…

In my case they eat bark from my young fruit trees, flowers (they seem to love roses and tulips) and strawberries (the leaves). I haven’t yet figured out how to deal with them, but I think I’ll need some more oldschool methods. Sudden lights and sound may work a couple of times, but I’m sure the deer will get used to it.

This guy has some somewhat effective - and entertaining - methods. Granted his use case is for cats but deer are pretty skittish too so it might work on them. you can check some of his other video’s for different setups. The guy is a hoot as well.