Any difference on Pi3 or Pi4

Hi all,

I am looking to get a Pi to start home automation. I did try in a VM bot for a few reasons … this was not successful. I am wondering if there are any performance issues running on a Pi3 rather than a Pi4 - there are price and availability differences - so a 3 would obviously be easier to get hold off.

In addition to normal “Light on” - “Lights off” sort of stuff I am interested in linking it to my Logitech hub remote and also the voice assistant. Will these both run o.k. on a Pi3 or will I need to man up and hunt down a Pi4?


The biggest noticeable difference will be restart time. It can take a few minutes for the pi3.

Thanks Tom,

hopefully this will not be rebooting all the time so should not be an issue… Guess I am off Pi shopping this evening.


Don’t be so sure… restart is needed quite many times - each time you change configuration.yaml, at each update, then some HACS plugins require restart… every plugin install takes ages… if you plan to “tinker” with HA then you better go with Pi4, it’s not a huge price difference. Also, if i understand correctly recently it’s possible to install 64 bit version of HA on Pi4 (not sure, though…) which would also benefit in speed.

For comparison: i have my HA in VM on Synology. I did try HA on Pi3 - i wanted to have it as “test HA”… everything took aaaages comparing to VM, so i rather made a second VM for this purpose.

Hmmm … I do like to tinker :slight_smile:
I guess a Pi4 is the way to go. You are right - the price difference is not massive and it will (hopefully) be with me for a good few years.

I am very tempted by this

Basicly a Pi4 built into a keyboard … nice call back to my early days of Atari ST and the “all in one” look.

Are there any issues with going “all in one” and is 4GB ram enough to allow for previously mentioned “tinkering”? It is a 4GB - is that enough RAM?

4GB should be fine… for now.

(you may outgrow it depending on how badly you get the home automation bug).

That sounds like a problem for “Tomorrow Everso”… Pi ordered… Fun begins this weekend.

I will switch from Pi3 to Pi4 soon. My biggest painpoint was that I couldn’t use the ESP-Home Addon on the Pi3.

I have 4 GB of ram assigned in my VM and it’s majority of time only a fraction of it used, so i guess it’s quite enough. I guess it’s processing power who’s the main thing. I noticed quite an improvement when i assigned 4 cores (instead of 2) to my HA inside VM. Changing ram to 8GB does nothing, however.

Hi Protoncek

thanks for the confirmation. Mine arrives tomorrow … let the tinkering begin


I’ve gone for a RPi 4b with 8GB RAM and a 250GB SSD dedicated to HA (with HAos).
That will give plenty of headroom both memory- and performance-wise.

Right! Installing on SSD (and not on SD card) is the way to go. A bit faster, and a lot safer (in long term).

I was looking at storage. I have a literal butt load of M2 250GB drives… and apparently these can be used on a PI to boot from. I might give that a go. If I can’t fit one into that keyboard case then job done. If not then I can just drop it into a caddy and attach by USB. I also have a “crop” of 500GB SSDs and caddies for them so that’s also a way I can go.