Any examples of music setup using a whole house system and local music files?

I currently have a setup using an audio matrix switch for as many as 16 inputs and 16 outputs. I am using 11 outputs to 11 zones. I am using local MP3 files and streaming from Pandora, Spotify, etc.

Are there any examples of someone doing basically that using HASS? I can’t get my head around how that would work on this platform and would have to understand it to make the switch.


I guess it depends on whether you want (and can?) keep your audio matrix switch.
Q: Can you control it programmatically? Maybe you could have HA control it with a combination of a few input_booleans and input_select?
If the above is not possible, you’ll have to find an alternative solution to control your zones/speakers. I personally have a few Chromecast audios to control my zones…
For the local music bit, you may have to either expose your library to the internet or copy/move it to your HA installation folder under www. Or you could have MPD driving the audio to your audio matrix switch and have HA control it.